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It is precisely because people cannot live without mobile phone.Therefore, we have developed a Bluetooth speaker that can charge the mobile phone wirelessly.
It USES the transmission line of 1/4 wavelength to achieve the purpose of absorbing unit resonance, suppressing diaphragm displacement and expanding the lower limit of low frequency.
A person who likes classical music usually needs a sound system because he or she is listening to a recording. Change one, or change the point parameters, and the sound changes.
Due to the epidemic situation, the Hong Kong electronics fair, originally scheduled for April 13-16, 2020, has been postponed to July 25-28, 2020. Please visit our booth for more new products!
In terms of desktop bluetooth stereo, desktop bluetooth wireless charging stereo, soundbar and soundbar, JAOCOM has made good achievements in 2019! The goal of JAOCOM in 2020 remains the same!
Long-awaited autumn 2019 Hong Kong electronics show has ended, this exhibition is a bit special, for some reason, you may worry, the show is very few people, such as unsafe
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On January 7, 2010, the international consumer electronics show (CES) was held in Las Vegas. More than 170,000 people from the industry and the audience came to the exhibition.
The IoT market has been quickly taking shape. One key question is which wireless networking technology is the best fit? ...
随着生活品质的提高和科技的飞速发展,智能家居产品逐渐进入到我们的日常生活中,越来越多的家电接入网络;这些电子产品的出现让我们的生活充满了更多的乐趣,也带给我们很多便利;近期,在智能家居电子产品中,又多了一样新产品----WiFi音箱,能让你的家中更加智能,同时也能帮你解决一些生活中的琐事。   可能有人会问,WiFi音箱是什么?简单的说,这类产品拥有更加人性化的操控和功能,而且也不仅仅是一个..
The news didn’t exactly make front page headlines anywhere, but last month the Bluetooth Special Interest Group official...
Written by Steve O’Steen on July 8, 2016. Posted in Information TechnologyThere is a new EMC emissions standard that has...
The accelerated pace of China's exports in August has added to the signs of a gradual recovery, experts said on Sunday.E...
Ericsson President and CEO Hans Vestberg delivers a keynote speech on Networked Society at CES show in Las Vegas.   The ...
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