The consumer electronics show (CES) has come to a happy end in Las Vegas

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On January 7, 2010, the international consumer electronics show (CES) was held in Las Vegas. More than 5,000 enterprises from all over the world brought their latest products and advanced technologies to the exhibition. More than 170,000 people from the industry and the audience came to the exhibition. A total of 1,000 Chinese companies, including huawei, lenovo, TCL and haier, have demonstrated innovative technologies and products in areas including 5G, artificial intelligence, smart home and electric vehicles, attracting a large number of audiences and media.

The consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, organized by the consumer technology association of the United States, is the world's largest and most influential consumer electronics and technology show, and is considered to be leading the way in the global consumer electronics industry. At this year's show, the hottest technologies and products involved 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, autonomous driving and so on. Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of the consumer technology association of the United States, said the innovative technologies and products on display at this year's show fully demonstrate the tremendous role technology can play in driving business development and global economic growth.

New technologies such as 5G and artificial intelligence have become the most watched technology trends

New technologies such as 5G and artificial intelligence are increasingly entering the lives of ordinary people, becoming the most closely watched technology trend at this exhibition. A large number of exhibitors in the exhibition to show their full strength, the integration of 5G, artificial intelligence technology of the novel products, eye-opening.

Qualcomm has released 5g-enabled snapdragon 8-series and 7-series platforms for mobile phones and laptops. Qualcomm's Cloud AI 100 series products use a 7-nanometer manufacturing process, with AI computing power up to 350TOPS(1TOPS represents the processor can perform one trillion operations per second), and are mainly used in data centers, 5G Cloud computing, autonomous driving and other fields.

Amazon put its new lamborghini sports car on the stand, showing off its latest in-car Alexa system. Amazon plans to use self-driving cars, Internet of vehicles and other technologies to expand into electric cars and car manufacturing.

Samsung launched Neon, a virtual human that looks and ACTS highly human-like and has the ability to express emotion and intelligence. Neon could become a virtual news anchor, a virtual receptionist and even a movie star.

"In the next 10 years, new technologies will connect everything and provide people with smarter services through massive amounts of data analysis," said Andy jassy, CEO of amazon web services.

Chinese enterprises appear with a strong lineup and innovative products attract wide attention

In this exhibition, a number of well-known Chinese enterprises with a strong lineup, to show international merchants in many areas of innovative products, "made in China" caused widespread concern.

In 5G, companies such as TCL and coolpad have launched their first 5G smartphones. Lenovo has unveiled the world's first 5G personal computer, extending 5G connectivity from smartphones to high-end computing for the first time.

Haier group built smart kitchen, smart living room, smart cloakroom and other scene experience areas. A woman taps a haier smart fitting mirror, which shows her trying on various styles of clothes. "This mirror is so cool," she exclaimed as she looked. Haier also showed the C7 series of products that fully realize the Internet of things, voice control and active service, as well as a full set of small appliances including sensors, gateways, cameras, etc., attracting the attention of many visitors.

In the huawei exhibition area, there are a wide variety of consumer electronic products, from mobile phones, tablets, smart wear, everything. "It's beautifully designed, it's ahead of its time," said one Canadian viewer after a serious look at the Mate30 Pro 5G phone.

The "soft tree" that rou yu technology company rolls out becomes window. "Soft tree" tall about 5 meters, chic "leaves" by nearly a thousand pieces of fully flexible screen composition. The fully flexible screen leaves not only sway like real leaves, but also display pictures, videos and other high-resolution content separately. Users can upload photos and videos remotely and wirelessly through the mobile APP, presenting a combined creative effect.

The Walker, a new large humanoid service robot, was exhibited by youbidian technology co., LTD. It has the skills of pushing food cart, yoga interaction, opening bottles and pouring water, writing and drawing, etc. It has realized the algorithm iteration and function improvement in terms of motion performance, flexible interaction, and environmental perception, etc., attracting many viewers to stop and watch.

Many enterprises expressed their willingness to strengthen international cooperation and strengthen cooperation with China In the age of globalization, self-isolation has no way out. Many enterprises have expressed their willingness to strengthen international cooperation and strengthen cooperation with China.

John Deere of the United States is one of the world's largest agricultural machinery companies. The company's 8RX tractor on display is billed as an "office on wheels" that integrates artificial intelligence, the Internet of things and other technologies and can use satellite positioning and computers to correct routes, greatly increasing productivity. "We have several factories in China and our machines are very popular, which is great for our company, for our customers in China and for users in other countries. China is a big agricultural country and we want to sell new tractors to China."

Exhibited stealth innovation of science and technology (shenzhen) co., LTD. Professional level observation "latent shark Ⅱ" underwater robot, the deepest can descend to 100 m, can meet the underwater research, fisheries aquaculture, hull inspection, reservoir dam inspection and other professional scenario application requirements. The head of the company said that their products are now very popular in Europe, Japan, in the United States, southeast Asia also have many users, the company is looking forward to strengthen international cooperation, further expand the international market.

Like previous shows, this year's show features a special eureka park. More than 1200 small enterprises gather here to display and sell products, establish networks and seek cooperation. The products on display range from household items and office appliances to fitness equipment and beauty products. Trifo, a floor-sweeping robot company from California, USA, launched its high-end flagship model Trifo Lucy at the exhibition, which has visual navigation, automatic recognition, custom patrol route and other functions while completing the cleaning work. "Our research and development is done in California, production is done in China and sales are made around the world. "Many industries have moved towards international co-ordination, which not only boosts profits but benefits all concerned."