How convenient is the combination of a desktop Bluetooth speaker and wireless phone charging?

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It is well known that there are many kinds of acoustics, desktop, outdoor, standing, hanging wall and so on! But the function of sound is not so complicated,

in order to meet People's Daily needs of listening to music.

The function of sound is not complicated, the most important thing for sound is sound quality is good enough, appearance is beautiful enough, use is convenient ~

Today we bring you a good sound quality, beautiful appearance, easy to operate and can charge the mobile phone wireless Bluetooth desktop stereo!

Can you charge your phone? Yes, and wirelessly. In the network era, mobile phone is an essential electronic device for everyone. When walking on the road,

you can see that 90% of people are holding mobile phone. It is precisely because people cannot live without mobile phone.

Therefore, we have developed a Bluetooth speaker that can charge the mobile phone wirelessly. Listening to music will not waste the mobile phone's power,

but it is really convenient to increase the mobile phone's power


Here give you a detailed introduction to this sound!

Basic information:


-MDF wooden case construction, PVC covered

- LED lights

- 8-bit touch buttons on the panel

- 2.0 CH

- Bluetooth, audio, radio, optical fiber, USB (support lossless format: APE, FLAC)

- 3 "6 Ω all loudspeakers x 2 PCS. 3 "passive speaker x2pcs

- Power adapter for 18V1A

- Power: 40W

- Product size:L 290x W 140 x H 109 mm

The appearance of this sound exquisite compact, whether placed on the bookshelf or desktop are very versatile, wood grain PVC paste leather is real and environmental protection.

The sound quality effect is very good, the treble melodious not broken, the bass is steady and clear! Top touch button design, operation is very simple, the top wireless charging area is set,

directly place the phone in the top charging module area can be wireless charging for the phone.

No charging cable, more convenient. This type of home stereo, whether listening to music, listening to radio or with the use of TV are very suitable ~

The stereo can also be charged, which is really great ~

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