Most stereo fevers do not stem from a love of music

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A person who likes classical music usually needs a sound system because he or she is listening to a recording. Attending live concerts and listening to recordings on sound equipment are two of the
most accessible means for music fans. Live music is real, atmospheric, but fleeting; Listening to a recording on a sound system allows you to look back at a historical scene and listen again and again.
For music fans, both are indispensable.

There are a lot of people playing stereos, but most of them don't necessarily have a fever. For example, the famous conductor Chen Xieyang Sir, he bought a lot of audio equipment, a considerable part
of the value is not poor, but he said that the purpose of buying audio is to listen to the home "a lot of vinyl records", apparently the leading musician is not playing audio audiophile. Play stereo to play
pocket hide not 100 dollars, day and night have to fiddle with audio equipment, take apart to put back, tea and food do not think, constantly pour, this is called "audio fanciers".

Playing stereo "fever", in fact, the number of people is also a lot. In our country, the group of audiophiles is much larger than the "music lovers". There is an obvious phenomenon is that, in the audio circle
of our country, the people who love music is not much, do not know there are glinka, Grieg's audio enthusiasts there are many; Or although I know a musician named Beethoven, I have only heard
his "To Alice", and the light music version is the majority. This point is different from Europe and the United States, Europe and the United States audiophiles mostly listen to classical music, and China's
audiophiles stop at CAI Qin, Teresa Teng is the majority. This is the difference in the accumulation of musical culture,
but also the difference in the level of fever. So, domestic audio equipment,
even make a sound, sound quality is usually not beauty, that not surprisingly, also need not debate,
CAI qin vocal designer, a full ear even twist at Cai Dajie that mouth, big sister singing harmonic rich again,
cannot compete with a single control chamber orchestra, not to mention li, jay Chou, it is good to know.

Misunderstood people will be surprised, playing stereo is not to listen to music? Only listen to a few pop singer's a few songs, this is not listen to music ah, do not listen to music why want to play stereo?
That's a good question, the conclusion is simple, play audio is playing circuit, components, and the music not haven't anything to do, or at most two dollars, two dollars buy a burn disc, carved CAI qin
(elder sister song must have, otherwise affect status), faye wong, stefanie sun, memory a few songs, is playing a lifetime. They play the stereo to play with the change of sound, far away from the music.

Music fans may find this absurd, but it's actually quite scientific. Different audio circuits have different sounds, such as the famous OTL circuit and OCL circuit. The main difference lies in that the former
has an additional power output capacitor, and the capacitance, high voltage withstand voltage and the brand of the capacitor are different in sound. How many capacitors are there in a sound system?
Change one, or change the point parameters, and the sound changes. It's fun. In addition to capacitance, there are resistors, reactance components, transformers, audions, diodes, wires... If everything
changes a little bit, the sound gets better. Just play with it.

To the era of digital audio, fun components are more, such as THE CD player decoding chip, you use 1702, I use 9018, whose good? Audiophiles can beat the drums of war every day. There are dozens
of this chip, the same model behind there are suffix is not the same, Lin Lin total of hundreds of chips, enough audio enthusiasts drink hundreds of POTS, where they still have time to compare the Sound
performance of the Vienna philharmonic and Czech Philharmonic, light to a CAI Qin can not find the north. So it's logical that audio buffs don't need to listen to music.

Sound equipment is done well, should have a compare a standard, this compare a standard to call in the industry "reference standard", take true sound or spot sound to compare as a standard namely.
There was an enthusiast in the Northwest who was already famous, but he told me that he had never heard a concert in his life or a famous artist sing live because they didn't have it. I asked him, "How did
you make it?" How do you know through your hand audio equipment at the moment it is playing the voice of CAI Qin rather than the congee of flowers? You don't know what their original voice was like, how
it infected people, how can you tell if this device is good or not good? He could not answer,
but at the end he said,
"I feel comfortable."

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