What are the goals of JAOCOM in 2020? ? Quick look at

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Send off 2019, usher in 2020! New Year new changes, but the love of sound port never changed! Sum up the achievements of JAOCOM in acoustics in 2019! We have successfully applied for
several new patents, the research and development of new products has been the pursuit of JAOCOM! In terms of desktop bluetooth stereo, desktop bluetooth wireless charging stereo, soundbar
and soundbar, JAOCOM has made good achievements in 2019! The goal of JAOCOM in 2020 remains the same! For r & d we have always been adhering to the original intention, adhere to innovation,
so the port of 2020 in the audio r & d function above has three goals!

First: innovative research and development of DAB functions

Second: the r&d and promotion of TWS functions

Third: the development and promotion of HDMI functions

With the improvement of people's quality of life and aesthetic ability, we are also committed to more perfect sound research and development! From the outside to the inside, we don't miss a detail!

Thanks for the support of all the friends of JAOCOM 2019. JAOCOM 2020 still keeps its original intention and keeps forging ahead!

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